Re: [S] More on the trellis question

Patrick Connolly (
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 12:12:32 +1300 (NZDT)

According to Bill Venables:
|> Instead of
|> trellis.device(postscript, file = psFile)
|> in your function, try
|> eval(substitute(trellis.device(postscript, file = psFile)))
|> this essentially makes evaluation a little less lazy, probably by
|> about as much as you need.

What also works is to assign your psFile to frame 1. I do that sort
of thing often and have a small function to do it:

assign(as.character(substitute(x)), x, frame = 1)

I noticed that functions which had worked in Ver 3.3 needed this
tweeking to work in Ver 3.4, but even so, it was not always necessary.

It was easier to add one line to assign the object than to work out
why it was necessary some times and not others.


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