[S] Boxplots of subranges of data

Duncan Murdoch (dmurdoch@mast.queensu.ca)
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 15:55:22 GMT

I have a large 2D dataset, and I'd like to plot it by breaking up the
x range into a number of bins, and showing boxplots of the y values
within that bin, located at the center of the bin.

Using boxplot() and cut(), I can do the calculations for the
statistics, but I can't control where the boxplots are placed.

Uses boxes(), I can control where they are placed, but I can't control
the style: I want the "att" style, more or less.

Is there some trick to get boxplot or bxp or bwplot to put the
boxplots onto a graph at the location I choose?

Duncan Murdoch
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