[S] Summary: Boxplots of subranges of data

Duncan Murdoch (dmurdoch@pair.com)
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:29:51 GMT

A few days ago I asked how to place boxplots of subranges of my data
on a plot in a style and position of my choosing. It looks as though
the flexibility of specifying the style of the plot that you get with
boxplot() and bxp() isn't available in the functions that let you
place the boxplot at chosen coordinates. However, there are several
ways to place boxplots if you're willing to forgo the style choice:

boxes() - uses the output of the boxplot() function to place a
standard boxplot anywhere you like.
symbols() - uses a different format of input to place a simple
boxplot anywhere you like.

Finally, subplot() puts a whole plot wherever you like, so it could be
used to build a function that uses bxp() to place a boxplot somewhere
on a graph.

(What I did was to fake it: I needed the plot quickly, so I just
changed the subgroup labels to approximate axis labels. I didn't get
ticks, but the pictures were good enough.)

Thanks to all who replied: Debbie Carlson, Vicki Lancaster, John
Wallace and Bill Venables (and anyone else whose reply I've lost).

Duncan Murdoch
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