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S-PLUS Courses run by StatSci Europe 1998
StatSci Europe: Distributors of S-PLUS

First Announcement: Statistical Data Mining - by Prof. Brian Ripley.

StatSci Europe is please to announce two Statistical Data Mining courses
to be presented by Prof. Brian Ripley, Department of Statistics, University
of Oxford, to be held in Oxford in Spetember 1998.

Statistical Data Mining (A):
Beyond Linear Regression, 15-16 Sept.

Statistical Data Mining (B):
Neural Networks and Classification Trees 17-18 Sept.

Brief details of the above courses are now available from our WWW



We are also hosting a number of courses in April:

Last Announcement for:

S+SpatialStats Intro. + S+ArcView Demo, April 2, Oxford.

S-PLUS Jump Start, April 6, Oxford.

Data Analysis in S-PLUS (intermediate level), April 7-8, Oxford.

Registrations for the above courses must be received by 24th March.


Survival Analysis Using S-PLUS (Dr. Terry Therneau), April 20-21, Oxford.

A few places only are still available for this course.


Soon to be announced:

Financial Modelling in S-PLUS, 2 day Course, June 98.
Advanced S+SpatialStats - 2 day course - Sept. 98.
S+ArcView Introductory 1 Day Course - Sept 98.


Details of all courses are available from our WWW pages:


or contact our Training Dept:

Tel: 01865 200 952
Fax: 01865 200 953
Email: courses@statsci.co.uk

Training Dept.
StatSci Europe
Distributors of S-PLUS

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