Re: [S] gee library from the S archive, StatLib

Prof Brian Ripley (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 11:48:35 +0000 (GMT)

Heinrich Rinner wrote:
> Dear S+ users,
> I have trouble installing the "gee library" (precompiled DOS/Windows
> version 4.3) from the S archive, StatLib. I'm working with S-PLUS 4.0
> Release 2 for Windows, on a PC under Win95.
> After following the installation instructions in the readme.txt file,
> in S-Plus I get the following messages:
> > library(help=gee) #works fine
> > library(gee)
> Error in dyn.load(paste(lib.loc, "/", section, "/", c("c..: No
> definition for 6 symbols Dumped There were 6 warnings (use warnings()
> to see them)

You have the wrong version. Try that at DOS/S/SWin. Not only is it
a later version (4.13, I think) of GEE, it works with both 3.3 and 4.0.
That is a mirror of

which ought to be nearer to you (but may not be).

It is not safe to assume that anything in the DOS/S directory on statlib
works with 4.0, but everything in DOS/S/SWin does (unless not needed in 4.0).

I would advise you to upgrade to 4.0 release 3. There are some subtle
differences in linking in compiled code, and I only support release 3 in
the code I have ported (and that include GEE). The upgrade is on
MathSoft's web site.

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