[S] Q: tree and bootstrap confidence values on nodes

Daniel Ruzzante (ruzzante@mscs.dal.ca)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 16:07:57 -0400 (AST)

Dear S+ users,

I need some advice on how to estimate and put bootstrap confidence values
on tree nodes.

I normally build trees to classify groups of individuals (fish in this
case) on the basis of their genetic composition.

To do this I usually use 'plclust', 'hclust' and a symmetric matrix of
some measure of distance (genetic) between populations of individuals as
the distance matrix.

Now I need to assign bootstrap confidence values to each of the nodes on
the trees and include this value in the graphic output.

Does anyone know if this has been implemented in S+? I have looked at the
tree-based methods section in V&R1 and have downloaded the libraries
'class' and 'treefix' from Statlib, but I do not have (yet) V&R2 and hence
can't find out if this is dealt with in the new classification chapter.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Daniel Ruzzante

Dr. Daniel E. Ruzzante e-mail:ruzzante@cs.dal.ca
Department of Biology ph: (902)494-2737
Dalhousie University fax: (902)494-3736
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada, B3H 4J1

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