[S] strange p-value for Fisher exact's test

Marcia Ciol (marcia@biostat.washington.edu)
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 11:53:08 -0800

I came across a p-value greater than one in a Fisher exact's test. The
output was the following

> fisher.test(rbind(c(1, 1), c(71, 77)))

Fisher's exact test

data: rbind(c(1, 1), c(71, 77))
p-value = 1.0001
alternative hypothesis: two.sided

I know I could just look at the table values to see that the p-value is
1.0, but it worries me that the internal programing of S-Plus would
allow the result above to occur. SPSS, for example, will give the
correct value (at least up to 17 decimal digits)...

Anybody would like to comment on the subject?


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