[S] a simple? dialog

Alvaro Aballe Villero (alvaro.aballe@uca.es)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 08:38:49 +0100

Hello, Splus user

I am user of Splus-4 and I just want to create a dialog window to ask where
a file is (for instance). But, the online help didn't help me very much,
however, maybe you can.

So, I wrote the these lines:

setup<- function(arg1) {}

guiCreate("Property", Name= "setup.2",Type="Normal",DefaultValue=
"C:\\ruido\\splus\\051.001",DialogPrompt= "&Localización",DialogControl=

guiCreate("FunctionInfo", Function = "setup",
PropertyList = c("setup.2"),
CallBackFunction = "propcommCallBack")

propcommCallBack <- function(df)
{ if( cbIsOkMessage(df)==T)
{assign("Nreg",cbGetCurrValue(df, "setup.2"),frame=0)}

guiDisplayDialog("Function", Name="setup")

So that, If I set wherever string like "AA" in the field, the dialog work
like I want (Nreg="AA").
But, If I leave the default value and press OK I get the following message:

"Error in parse (text = txt): Syntax error: unknown expression ("\\") used
illegally at this point:

Also, I don't know how to create a dialog to enter a numeric value instead
a string because if I enter a numeric value in this dialog I get the follow

"Error: Left side of assignment can't be of mode numeric

And if I set DialogControl= "integer" I get the same message.

Thanks advance for answering.


Álvaro Aballe Villero
Dpto. Ciencias de los Materiales e Ingeniería
Metalúrgica y Química Inorgánica. Facultad de Ciencias.
Apartado 40 - 11510, Puerto Real (Cádiz) SPAIN.

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