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Greg Tucker-Kellogg (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 09:14:32 -0500

If you have to save an Excel file as a CSV, the
feature of being able to import from Excel to
S-Plus is sort of pointless. Anyway, I've had the
same problem as Mr. Campbell, and I don't think
it's memory related (I have 128 MB). I don't know
how file locking under Windows NT works (compared
to UNIX), but S-plus seems to be grabbing a lock on
the excel file and then not releasing it until the
program closes, even though the import is done
quickly. Excel is behaving as if it's blocking on
the lock.

I haven't found a workaround.


>>> "McDonough, Tim" <>
03/27/98 08:45am >>>
In Excel I usually "save as" a *.csv file that I
then import into
S-Plus. Because there is no preset filter in the
file type list for
*.csv you have to use the *.* filter.

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From: Michael Campbell
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Subject: [S] Importing data from Excel spreadsheets

Is anyone else having a problem importing from
spreadsheets? I am
running S-PLUS v4.0 release 2 and Excel 97 under
Windows NT v4 service
pack 3. I can read data from a spreadsheet but if I
then try to open it
again in Excel, Excel just hangs. (I usually close
Excel before
importing data.)

The only way round the problem seems to be to quit
S-PLUS before
starting Excel again. This is a bit tedious!

Michael Campbell

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