[S] Splus4 for Windows: big datasets in _Data

Broman, Karl (BromanK@cmg.mfldclin.edu)
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 15:23:35 -0600

I'm running Splus4 on Windows NT, with a 166 Mhz pentium that has 128 Mb
of RAM.

I have a set of 12 large data sets in my _data directory, each 1-2 Mb.
When I try to start up Splus, it takes forever (meaning far beyond my
patience...more than 10 minutes or so) just to start up. I haven't
actually seen it start up.

These data sets are in the form of lists of 1000 small matrices. In my
_data directory, I see three strange files, called sum4.tx_ sum4.txt and
sum4i.txt. The first two of these are about 6600 kb in size.

My questions: what am I doing wrong? What is Splus doing when it
starts? It's not trying to read all of that data into RAM, is it? What
can I do to get Splus for Windows to work in this situation?

I'm used to working in a unix, on handsome sun workstations; in that
environment, I never had such problems.

Karl W. Broman
Center for Medical Genetics
Marshfield Medical Research Foundation
1000 N Oak Avenue
Marshfield WI 54449
Phone: (715) 389-3597
FAX: (715) 389-5757
email: BromanK@cmg.mfldclin.edu

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