[S] A response to Charlie Roosen of mathSoft..

Sun, 29 Mar 98 19:39 EST

This is in response to Charlie Roosen's (of MathSoft) query regarding
product ideas...

1. In the context of time series analysis, the options for doing transfer
function modelling in the time domain seem to be too limited and
should be extended. This would be particulary useful in applications
to finance.

2. Looping in S-Plus still needs to be improved and constitutes a major
limitation of the language for certain applications such as image
processing, etc.

3. S-Plus should implement a *much* wider variety of the mathematical
special functions. The need for these constantly arises in many problems
(such as in statistical nonparametric inversion problems) and having to
link Fortran code to S-plus to handle such applications is unpleasant.
On a recent occasion I needed the error function for complex valued
arguments. This and a great many other mathematical special functions
should be available in S-plus as a matter of routine and would make the
language more useful to many users.

4. The on-line help pages could be significantly improved.

The 'suggestions' above may perhaps not all be exactly in line with what
you were seeking but: Thank you for asking!!

Andrey Feuerverger
Dept of Statistics
Univ of Toronto

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