[S] Enhancements: Experimental Designs

Mon, 30 Mar 98 14:12:00 +0200


concerning the possible enhancements for S-Plus:

In my environnment, we often use experimental designs.
I have a licence of the DOX module, and find it very
convenient. It is however quite expensive.

I would suggest that DOX should be part of future S-Plus
versions, to promote via S-Plus the use of experimental
designs. The surface, contour and image functions for
Response Surface Designs need to be "Trellis-ized".

Mixture designs (where the ingredient factors sum up to
a constant) should also be integrated, with a plot function
to visualize the response surface in triangles (see the
book by Khuri et al.).

Marcel Baumgartner
Marcel BAUMGARTNER Central: ++41 21 785 81 11
Nestec Ltd. Direct: ++41 21 785 89 17
Nestle Research Center FAX: ++41 21 785 85 54
P. O. Box 44

CH-1000 Lausanne 26
Switzerland Marcel.Baumgartner@chlsnr.nestrd.ch

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