Re: [S] generalized mixed effects model

Anthony Rossini (
30 Mar 1998 13:41:34 -0500

>>>>> "ZHONG" == ZHONG LI <> writes:

ZHONG> I'm wondering whether there is a package in Splus
ZHONG> for people to fit generalized mixed effects model,
ZHONG> i.e., something like:

ZHONG> logit(P(Yij=1|bi))=X'beta+Z'bi

ZHONG> Something equivalent to SAS glimmix macro, I believe.

None that I know of.

A related question would be if any of the GEE packages support
quadratic estimating equations (2nd moment matching ;-). I know there
some equivalence that can be taken advantage of, in that case.


Anthony Rossini
Manifold Graphics / Epimetrics
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