[S] From the Trenches

Lloyd Lubet (llubet@rt66.com)
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 12:50:47 -0700

I have been out in the trenches for almost 1 year now. S+ really served
me well, extremely well. Here is an exerpt from a letter that I have
sent to David Remer, Director of Marketing for S-Plus.

Dear David,

This is Lloyd Lubet from Santa Fe. About a year ago, I left S+ with
hard feelings. I was too hard on the product. I'm not perfect, S+ is
not perfect, none of the other programs I ended up using are not
perfect. I'm sorry that I criticized S+ so harshly. It has become an
indispensable tool in my forecasting kit.

While each of the 5 forecasting packages that I use have their own
special strengths, it surprized me how many strengths S+ has, not just
in one area but in 5 or 6. S+ provided me more features in one place
than any other program.

I've been in the trenches for about a year now, doing real econometrics
for real money. I have come back to S+ time after time. It fills so
many vital needs, it does visualization, matrix manipulation, basic
statistics and programming so much better than any other product I
have. It is an inspired piece of work.

You called it a long shot. After I broke away from S+, you were
generous enough to send me S+ ver 4.0. Very few companies would have
been that generous. Thank you. After a year with the other guys I
really appreciate your gift, my old friend, S+.


It was the perfect tool for the job. More forecasters and planners
need to know about your marvelous program.

Thank you again.

Lloyd Lubet
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