Re[4]: [S] Possible Statistical Enhancements to S-PLUS
Tue, 31 Mar 98 10:18:14 -0800

I thought we are comparing between V4 and V3.3 for windows.
Actually I am also running splus on both PC (pentium pro 200/256MB) and
Sun/unix (50MHz) using Splus v3.4. I observed about the same speed for the
two systems (a little faster on the Sun).
I think you have more overhead for the windows because of the graphic
interface. The CPU of my pentium is faster than the sun, but the I/O is
little slower.

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: [S] Possible Statistical Enhancements to S-PLUS
Author: "Patrick Connolly" <> at internet
Date: 3/31/98 11:55 AM

According to

|> I agree completely with the above statement about the slowness of v.4. I
|> also stick to v. 3.3 for Windows. Still the Unix version 3.4 (which I
|> run on a Sparc20) is much better. For my laptop (where I use the Windows
|> version) I am looking forward to the Linux version. Any news about that?
|> I don't agree with the above statement. It depends on the system you are

|> using. If you run Windows NT, the V4 runs much better than the v3.3. Of
|> cause, you need a powerful machine. I have pentium pro 200 and 256MB. I
|> think 32MB is too little and you need to get more, then you will be
|> with the V4.

I too have tried V4 and NT on a pentium pro 200 and 256MB with two
processors and not a lot of users, but it is still far slower than
V3.4 on a 40Mhz unix machine (that's forty, not four hundred).

On the same machine, Excel and Word take about 2 seconds to start. S4
takes more than 20 seconds! Even then, it won't run in two
directories simultaneously which is something I have a wont and want
to do nearly all the time. The latter might well be a limitation of
the OS rather than S4 itself.


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