RE: [S] Possible Statistical Enhancements to S-PLUS

Greg Arnold (
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 08:50:17 +1200

Willem deWinter wrote:

>I believe S-plus definitely needs enhancement of its suite of multivariate
>methods. Though with its matrix-oriented approach and powerful graphics
>S-plus is ideally suited for descriptive multivariate data analysis,
>surprisingly little functionality is built in. I must note here, though,
>that I haven't upgraded to version 4.0 yet, which may or may not be better

I endorse this. I am using S+ to teach multivariate data analysis, and the
lack of uniformity in ways data are input is an unnecessary hurdle for
students to have to cross. I too appreciate the V&R lda function,
particularly for its model function input.

>Finally, I believe the spin plot in v3.3 for Windows is outdated (again v4.0
>may have improved on this). For my research I'm using a custom developed,
>experimental 3D data visualisation program, which allows interactive
>'virtual reality' exploration of 3D data spaces and capturing of interesting
>views in publication quality colour perspective 'stills'. It should be
>possible to add some similar functionality to Splus.

I endorse this too, but as well as better reproduction, S+ developers
could look the spin plot in DataDesk for improved functionality. This
allows a few dimensions to be frozen whilst rotating three others (a sort
of a biplot), and computes the equations of the current axes.

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