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Vander Hoorn, Stephen (stephenv@amgen.com)
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 11:48:43 -0800

Thanks to all those that replied to my email (below).
Here is a summary of the recommended solutions....

Hi there

We are trying to generate postscript files on S-PLUS 3.4 for Unix (SUNOS
and then transfer them over to Word or Power point.
CGM postscript files are useful for transfering to Microsoft Word/power
point documents because you can see them
in Word as well as print the document containing the postscript file.
We do know of the flexibility in creating postscript
files within S-PLUS 4.0 for Windows and transfering to Word etc. But we
would like to be able to do this the Unix environment
Does anyone know how to create CGM postscript files or know of an
alternative method that works just as well?

Thanks in advance


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You can add a preview to a PostScript file with Russell Lang's program
epstool on either Unix or Windows. The easiest way to use it is via his
GSView front-end to GhostScript under Windows. There are lots of
for the preview format. (I'm not sure I know what CGM is: I thought it
Common Graphics Metafile, but my version of Word does not appear to
that. I remember epstool can produce WMF, Microsoft's own metafile

Epstool and GSview are available from the ghostscript sites: try a web
search for one near you. One place I know they are is



I don't know what a CGM Postscript file is, but here is what you may be
able to do. You can try to add a preview to the Postscript file. Some
versions of GhostView have this ability. You may also be able to use
ImageMagick. Both use GhostScript. When I use ImageMagick, ImageMagick
creates an Encapsulated Postscript file which only consists of the Tiff
header (so that you lose the device independence and only have a
rasterized image - but still Postscript). However, if you look at the
Postscript output you can easily see how to cut-and-paste the Tiff
header into a copy of your original encapsulated Postscript file.

Many word processing programs will display the Tiff preview which makes
it nice especially if you want to overlay another graphic or text
overtop the image. I do it all the time.

I'm not a WORD fan, but I think you'll get good results if you translate
the splus generated ps files to epsi using the unix tool "ps2epsi".
tool is generally available wherever gnu stuff is. If you don't have
ps2epsi or have trouble finding it, I have a version which works fine
under sun-solaris.

i'm not sure what CGM is, but i have encountered the same problem.
i did was open the postscript files created by unix s+ in Adobe
Illustrator and save as eps format. then the file is easily readable in
powerpoint. you might be able to do the same thing with ghosview, but
not 100% sure.


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