[S] linear convergence in glm.fit

Laurie Becker (lbecker@digitalis.net)
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:45:21 -0600

Dear SPlus users,

I am using SPlus v4.0 and am having problems with convergence error
messages in glm. I have set maxit to a higher level using the following
command, but still receive a warning:

> ht2glm12 <- glm(HT2 ~ ELEV + TOPO + AWC10 + AWC24 + AWC60 + WETNESS +
binomial, control = glm.control(maxit = 100, epsilon = 1e-005,
trace = T), data = htsites.upd)

Warning messages:
Warning in glm.fit(tx, y, w, NULL, offset, family, control$maxit,
control$epsilon,: linear convergence not obtained in 10 iterations.

The model continues to run and seems to finish alright, but I am uncertain
as to why I am getting the warning message and whether I should be
concerned about it. Does glm.fit have a separate maxit parameter from

Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

Laurie Becker

Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility
University of Wisconsin - Madison

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