[S] Quadratic programming in S-plus

Mon, 13 Apr 98 21:20 EDT

Hello S-Plus users!

This is a follow-up to the following inquiry that I posted to this
mail-group earlier today:

>I am working on some statistical algorithms that require the use of
>quadratic programming methods. Does anyone know how I might incorporate
>such methods within S-Plus? Any pointers to software and related items
>would be most appreciated!

Doug Martin has very kindly indicated that MathSoft will "soon" begin beta
testing a comprehensive new optimizer with LP, QP and general non-linear
programming, with "soon" to be quantified in a week to ten days..

Although this is very helpful, I need to complete my project within
a somewhat tighter time frame. Does anyone know how I might proceed
with tools that might currently be found at hand?

Andrey Feuerverger
University of Toronto


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