Re: [S] applying a function element-wise to two lists
Tue, 14 Apr 98 12:15:17 -0500

Dear S'ers:

Can anybody help me in solving the following problem:
I have a series of complex numbers z[i], i=1,....,N
There are numerous repetitions in these numbers. For example, N is of order
1,000,000. However, only ~20,000 of z[i] are different. I need to assign a
unique name or number to each of z[i] in such a way that equal z have the same
For example, I have


I need to name them as follows

In order to get the result until the end of this century, I want to avoid
looping, and especially double looping.

Thank you

Simon Rosenfeld
NOAA Science Center,
NESDIS/Satellite Research Lab
Camp Springs, MD
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