[S] S-plus dictionary of statistical terms

Christian Ritter (ritter@stat.ucl.ac.be)
Wed, 15 Apr 98 16:03:29 +0200

Hi all,

Part of the message to all:
Sorry for a question which deviates slightly from purely software related
ones. Does anyone of you know of an electronic dictionary of statistical
terms (such as confidence intervals, two level factorial designs, p-values,
R-squared's, Cp's, ...).

Part of the message to StatSci
It would be nice to have such a dictionary as a part of the Splus
distribution. Maybe even with translations into other reasonably common
languages such as French, Russian, German, Chinese ... There is already the
ISO standard 3435 (if I'm not guessing the number wrong), but it's on paper
only. It could serve as a starting point, since it's translated in many languages).


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