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J. Philip Miller (phil@wubios.wustl.edu)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 19:19:38 -0500 (CDT)

"Essiam, Albert AK" <Essiam.Albert.AK@bhp.com.au> writes:
> Can anyone tell me where the messages sent to this newsgroup are posted
> on the web?
well we announced that they were at http://www.biostat.WUstl.edu/s-news
but yesterday I discovered that they are broken. Perhaps it is indicative of
how much they are used that noone had pointed this out to me despite the fact
that the most recent posting in the archives is 3/18. In any case this site
only includes those postings since the list was moved here to WU.

I hope to get this fixed within the next few days and to get the archives
reorganized with a search engine within a few weeks. Once that is done, we
will attempt to get the archives for before the list was moved here. I do not
have a time scale for that.

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