Re: [S] Setting GUI default line weights (and mixed text)

Jeff Longmate (
Thu, 16 Apr 98 09:48:41 -0800

John P. Sabo <> asks:

> Is there a way to set the default line weight for all graphics produced
> using the GUI in S-Plus 4 Release 3 (WinNT). Presently, the default is
> "Hairline" for lines and or for ticks. However, these lines do not
> photocopy well. I'd like to set the default to be 1.

It looks like par(lwd=4) helps for lines. Kristi Gebhart posted some
translations of lwd from traditional to editable graphics

**I would also like to know how to do this up front for plotting symbols**
but there is a way to fix things after the fact, e.g.:

guiModify( "LinePlot", Name = "1$1", SymbolLineWeight = 1)

I ran into the need for this because I wanted to put mixed text into the
axis labels, which doesn't seem to work with the "traditional" graphics.
If you go to the Options pull-down, Graph Options, and check the box to
Create Editable Objects, you can then create the plot by the usual calls to
plot, points, lines etc., followed by something like:

guiModify( "XAxisTitle", Name = "1$Axis2dX1$XAxisTitle",
Title = "\nDose in ~181g/kg")
guiModify( "YAxisTitle", Name = "1$Axis2dY1$YAxisTitle",
Title = "CD34 x 10[6]/kg")

Here "~181" is extended ASCII for the Greek mu, "[6]" is a superscript, and
the newline "\n" is a kludge to keep the label off of the tick symbols.
The trouble is that the translation to editable makes all the lines and
symbols too light. With such a translated plot, the fix above works, but
you need multiple calls, with Name = "1$2" etc., if there were multiple
calls to points.

The editable and traditional graphics are quite different, and going
between them can cause trouble. It would be nice if in-text formatting
codes worked in both worlds, and if the defaults paid more attention to
each other.

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