[S] world map data for Windows

Stephen Kaluzny (spk@statsci.com)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:09:16 -0700 (PDT)

A number of people have been asking about the availability of
the world map database for use with the maps library under
S-PLUS for Windows. I have created both the full and thinned
version of the databases. They are available on our ftp


Here is the readme file from world.zip:

World Map Data Files

Created by Stephen Kaluzny (spk@statsci.com)
Data Analysis Products Division, MathSoft

This is a Windows version of the world map database from StatLib. The
database has about 2 million (latitude, longitude) pairs in it. As
such, if you try to make a full world map with map("world") you will
probably run out of memory. Smaller maps (e.g. map("world",
region=c("Spain", "Portugal")), should work fine. If you want to draw
the entire world map, get the thinned world database (worldthn.zip).

The files:
should be placed in the directory $SHOME\library\maps\data. (Typically,
$SHOME is c:\spluswin or c:\Program Files\splus4).

To test, in S-PLUS run:
win.graph() # Not needed if running S-PLUS 4.0 or a latter version
map("world", region=c("Canada"))

Stephen Kaluzny
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