[S] library maps on Windows

Stephen Kaluzny (spk@statsci.com)
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:28:31 -0700 (PDT)

If you are trying to use the world map database we made available
on our ftp site (ftp://ftp.statsci.com/pub/support/maps/) you
should note that:

1) The maps library is not available with S-PLUS 3.3 for Windows.
It was included with S+SpatialStats Version 1.0 which runs under
S-PLUS 3.3 for Windows.

2) There is a bug in the maps library shipped with S-PLUS 4.0
Release 1 that prevents you from drawing maps if you installed
S-PLUS in a directory whose names is not a valid DOS 8.3 name (e.g.
C:\Program Files\splus4). This bug is fixed in Release 2 and later
versions of S-PLUS 4.0 for Windows. You can get an update from
Release 1 to the current Release 3 of S-PLUS 4.0 for Windows at

-Stephen Kaluzny
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