[S] pch = Black point

joyet pierre (pierre.joyet@basler.ch)
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 16:29:17 +0200

In S-Plus 4 (release 3), for classical graphics in a graphsheet, is
there a simple way of obtaining as plotting symbols moderately large
black points like those that appear for example in many graphs in the
S-Plus 4 Guide to Statistics ? pch = "." gives very small points, pch =
16 very large ones, and graphsheets unfortunately don't take into
account the mkh parameter - unless one chooses "Convert to Objects",
which I don't want to do because I would then have to change lwd, etc.
pch = "\225" (the default in older versions of S-Plus) gives points of
the right size... but not at the right place (they are too high).
Of course one can type
> plot(x,y,type = "n")
> points(x,y,pch = 16, mkh = 0, cex = .3)
but it isn't very convenient.

Has anyone a solution?


Pierre Joyet
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