[S] ASA to sponsor 3 LearnSTAT courses

Sue Kulesher (sue@amstat.org)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 14:25:45 -0400

The American Statistical Association will sponsor three LearnSTAT courses
of interest to many statisticians.

Sir David Cox and Nanny Wermuth have agreed to teach a two-day short
course, Multivariate Dependencies: Graphical Markov Models and Their Role
in Statistical Analysis, in October as part of the continuing education
LearnSTAT series. The program will be held near ASA headquarters in
Alexandria on October 19 and 20, and the instructors will repeat the
program two days later (October 22 and 23) in Chicago at a site to be
determined. The Chicago Chapter has agreed to co-sponsor the latter
presentation. Awarded the Max Planck Research Prize in 1992 for their
combined work, the presenters are ASA Fellows.

Designed both for statisticians and for those in subject-matter fields
making extensive use of statistical methods in their research, participants
should have a working knowledge of basic statistical ideas and methods. The
course will provide a systematic discussion of a basis for the analysis and
interpretation of complex multivariate dependencies. It is largely based on
results concerning graphical Markov models. As well as core material, a
number of specific research questions will be discussed in detail; the
corresponding data can be obtained via Internet.

Reservations are also being accepted for Donald B. Rubin, John Barnard and
Arline Nakanishi's short course, Multiple Imputation for Missing Data,
which will be held in Alexandria from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday,
September 14 and Tuesday, Septermber 15. Aimed primarily at
biostatisticians working with incomplete data sets (for example, clinical
trials), multiple imputation is also a methodology that is gaining
popularity in the field of survey statistics, and examples of both
clinical-related and survey datasets may be used to appeal to an audience
larger than biostatisticians. The case-study presentation offered by the
Biostatistics department of AMGEN Inc.the second afternoon will provide the
biostatistical attendees with an ideal opportunity to query and understand
the application of Multiple Imputation to their work.

Tuition for both programs is $700 for which attendees with receive
comprehensive notes, textbooks, refreshments and 1.2 Continuing Education

Spaces are still available for Applications of Generalized Estimating
Equations (GEE) Methodology Using the SAS System to be taught by Maura
Stokes and Lisa LaVange in Alexandria on June 19. This workshop attracted
nearly 100 statisticians at the 97 JSM. Tuition for the one half day
program is $200.

For more information contact the ASA webpage www.amstat.org or E-mail Sue
Kulehser at sue@amstat.org.
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