[S] ANNOUNCE: Free European S-plus seminars

David Smith (dsmith@mathsoft.co.uk)
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:55:31 +0100

Dr. Andrew Bruce from MathSoft Seattle will visit Europe during the week of
May 11th. His objective is to bring European S-PLUS users and prospects up
to date with some of the development plans for S-PLUS. Information about
upcoming UNIX and Windows release will be discussed.

In conjunction with the European S-plus distributors, Mathsoft have
arranged five free seminars throughout Europe. Exact details about venues
and agendas can be obtained from the local distributors. Locations and
distributor contact details are listed below:

Date Venue Contact
Monday May 11th London courses@statsci.co.uk
Tuesday May 12th Zurich moecke@comsol.ch
Wednesday May 13th Frankfurt splus@gras.de
Thursday May 14th Amsterdam llam@candiensten.nl
Friday May 15th Paris sigma@cict.fr

Please contact the applicable distributor for details about the seminar
nearest to you.

David M Smith  (dsmith@mathsoft.co.uk)
Mathsoft International, Bagshot, UK
Tel +44 01276 452299 x212
Fax +44 01276 451224

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