[S] beyond level 2

DR. L.Y. HIN (z044106@mailserv.cuhk.edu.hk)
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 22:41:20 +0800

Dear S-plus user,

I have a problem and will be grateful to all who help.

I will be conducting a multicenter trial over n centers, recruiting mi
patients in each of the i centers (i=1,...,n). For each patient, I will
obtain serial measurements over time t.

Ideally, I presume I should analyze the data using a three-level
hierarchical modelling approach, setting level 1 as the center-specific
level, level 2 as the patient-specific level, while level 3 being the
time-specific data.

However, I can't get nlme() or lme() to do multilevel modelling beyond
level 2. I thus turned to Oswald, and it seems to be able to handle up to
level 2 only as well (if I am correct). I came across the paper Y. Lee and
J.A. Nelder 'hierarchical generalized linear models' J.R.Statist. Soc. B
1996;58(4):619-678. seems to be able to cope with this situation. i wonder
if anyone has written and S algorithm for the multilevel methods or that
described in this paper?

Thank you.

Dr. L.Y.Hin
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Prince of Wales Hospital,
Hong Kong.
Tel.: (852) 26322807
Fax : (852) 26360008

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