Re[2]: [S] Plot with confidence interval
Fri, 24 Apr 98 14:33:14 -0800

Thanks for everyone who responded to my query.
I found an easy solution on this.

Step 1: Make a data frame with x (group), y (value) and the range of CI, in
the format like this, x1, y1 ci1, x2, y2, ci2, ..., depending on how many
subgroups you have. You can change the values of x to separate the

Step 2: Plot x1, y1, ci1 using error bar plot. Now you have a plot for the
first subgroup.

Step 3: Using the 'add a plot to a graph' feature to add additional
subgroup graph on the first plot from step 2. And repeat step 3 to add more


##### the original query:

Does anyone have a function to plot mean and confidence interval by group.
The plot is something like the following:

| _ _ _
| _ | _ | |
| _ | C | B C
| | B | A | |
| A | _ | _ _
| | _ _
| _
group 1 group 2

What I need is the interval plot by group and there are
subgroups within each 'big' group. I would like to use different symbols
for the subgroups to distinguish them. As shown in my original query, there

are two groups, i.e., group 1 and group 2, and there are 3 subgroups, i.e.,

A, B, and C.

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