[S] questions about the plots

Hatzikonstantinou Giannis (jhatziko@math.auth.gr)
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:34:50 +0300

Hello S+ users!
I have some problems with the barplot, piechart and boxplot and I would
be grateful to everyone who can help. My 3 questions are:
Let's say that a column from a data frame is e.g. x$asd
1) How can I put as a label the frequency of each bar at the top of the
bar, where the argument horiz=T
2) Is there any way of putting the percentage of each category in the
And my last question is about the boxplot and I was wondering if I can
label the outliers with the number of their cases. I use S+3.3 under
Thanks in advance to everyone who will reply
Hatzikonstantinou Giannis
Karakasi 27 str. 54248, Thessaloniki
email : jhatziko@math.auth.gr
tel : 00-30-31-865297

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