[S] Undergraduate Textbook: non S-Plus question.

James B. Ramsey (ramseyj@fasecon.econ.nyu.edu)
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:55:11 -0500

To My Colleagues in S-Plus.
I need your advice on a non-S Plus question as indicated below.
I am querying my colleagues in S-Plus because I used S-Plus
throughout the book and because I could not think of a more diverse
and able group to respond.
Many thanks for your patience and help.
Request follows.


I have written an undergraduate statistics textbook that is designed
the serious student and the instructor who wants his or her students
to acquire a better understanding of statistical theory and
probability. Every effort is made to give the reader an intuitive
grasp of the concepts. There are many novel features in the book,
including built in software that allows students to simulate and
explore statistical concepts on their own. Because, the text is
demanding, it may only be suitable for students with a strong academic
background. There is also some debate as to whether the book is just
for economics students, or for business school students, or social
science students generally. A related question is whether analysts and
other professionals who have only had the usual "recipe" introduction
to statistics would find this book instructive. These questions have
led to the following two ideas for discovering the book's potential.
1] I have put selected sections of the book and the whole outline onto
the website:
If any one would like to examine parts of the text and give me their
opinions concerning the book's suitability for their use, or indicate
how the book can be made more suitable, I would be obliged to hear
from them.

2] A second suggestion is to make a pre-publication copy available to
anyone who would like to try using the text as an experiment; the
details of this are listed on the website.

The text can be viewed at:

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