Re: [S] "Sums of squares", the taxonomy issue again.

Frank E Harrell Jr (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 21:48:18 -0400

AMEN to what Bill Venables said. At the very least, software makers should
print, with every analysis known to be faulty, a message such as the following:

Softsellout, Inc., makers of the software you are using, does not stand behind
the methods used to produce the following calculations. In fact, we know that
they are wrong. We only produced them because sufficiently many less
statistically educated users said they would stop buying our product if these
calculations were not available as an option. However, at the start of the new
millenium, this method will only be available if you supply a password to
the procedure. The password is "INOIT'SWRONG".

Frank Harrell
Tongue only Slightly in Cheek

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