[S] tapply: problem, solution, question

Matthew Wiener (mcw@ln.nimh.nih.gov)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:10:41 -0400 (EDT)

Hello, all.

I have been using tapply for a while for univariate statistics -- things
like tapply(x$response, x$stimulus, mean).

So when I wanted to do some multivariate statistics, like correlation, I
tried tapply(x[,c("response1","response2")],x$stimulus,cor)
(also variations with cor replaced by function(x) cor(x) and so on).

I consistently got the error message:
Error in tapply(cbind(kofs009$sp, kofs009$lat), ko..: Data and all indices
must have same length

After some digging in the documentation I was able to work around the
problem by using "by", which creates a list of the answers, and sapply,
which lets me turn the list into a vector:

>> sapply(by(x,x$stimulus,function(x) cor(x$response1,x$response2)),
>> function(x) x,simplify=T)

which gives me what I want.

My question is: is this the best way?
Also, why can't tapply handle this? (Especially given that the
documentation lists "by" as "a convenient, object-oriented version of


Matthew Wiener

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