[S] "Programming with Data", by John Chambers

Thu, 30 Apr 1998 12:30:28 -0300

A recent catalogue from Springer-Verlag lists a new book by John Chambers
called "Programming with Data: A Guide to the S Language". It is
described as being "... a thorough and authoritative guide to the latest
version of the S language. ... This version of S underlies the S-Plus system,
versions 5.0 and higher".

Aren't they jumping the gun here? I seem to remember some discussion a
while back (though I couldn't find it on the archive) about version 5 of S,
and MathSoft's plans for version 5 of S-PLUS. When can we expect to see it?

Has anyone read the book? I am a long-time fan of "The New S Language"
by Becker, Chambers, and Wilks. I hope the new book is as good.

Nick Barrowman, Ph.D. Student,
Dalhousie University Department of
Mathematics, Statistics, & Computing Science
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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