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Fri, 1 May 1998 05:30:01 -0500 (CDT)


Please save this information for future reference, especially to
modify your subscription or unsubscribe in the future.

The full introduction message contains additional information on the
following topics.

1. S-news objectives and appropriate use.
2. S-news addresses and subscriptions.
3. To unsubscribe...
4. Replying to messages on S-news.
5. General guidelines for posting to S-news.
6. S-news archives.
7. Mail exploders.
8. Who maintains the s-news list?
9. What should I do if I have questions or comments about list policies or
management? (The "s-news-advisory" list.)
10. Features of the Washington University list server.
11. Important list management commands.

To obtain the full message, send a message to


containing the single line in the BODY of the message:

intro s-news

or point your Web browser at:



Use one of the following forms, sent in the BODY of a
message to
referring to the appropriate list (regular delivery or daily digest),
and including the address you are subscribed under only if it is different
from your current mailing address.

unsubscribe s-news
unsubscribe s-news myname@my.address
unsubscribe s-news-digest
unsubscribe s-news-digest myname@my.address


S-news is the discussion group on the S and S-plus systems for
statistics, graphics, and programming. Appropriate topics must be
related to S/S-plus, including programming and usage questions and
suggestions, problem reports, and announcements of new software
(contributed and commercial), books and articles, and conferences and
educational events. Short job announcements are also acceptable. Long
advertisements and commercial messages that are not specifically relevant
to S/S-plus are not acceptable.


Mail for posting to the S-news list should be sent to:


All subscription and unsubscription requests and other list management
commands should be sent to


Messages that require human intervention should be sent to


but you should make use of the automatic list processor commands whenever
they cover the situation.


All Majordomo list management commands should be sent to
s-news-request@wubios.wustl.edu. The command (or multiple commands)
should be in the body of the message, not in the subject line. If your
mailer puts a signature at the end of the message, put the command
after your list commands so the signature is not interpreted as
commands. NEVER send commands to s-news! (NEVER!)

A full list of Majordomo commands can be obtained by sending the command

To subscribe to the list, send the command
subscribe s-news
or for the digest version,
subscribe s-news-digest
You will be sent a confirmation message to which you must reply to make
sure that you actually desired to subscribe. This is intended to prevent
forged subscriptions. Note that subscriptions to the immediate-delivery
and digest versions are handled like two separate lists, so if you want to
switch from immediate delivery to digest, you must unsubscribe to s-news
and subscribe to s-news-digest.

If you want to subscribe using a different address than the one you are
sending from, use the command
subscribe s-news myname@my.address

To unsubscribe, send one of the following commands as appropriate:
unsubscribe s-news
unsubscribe s-news-digest
unsubscribe s-news myname@my.address
unsubscribe s-news-digest myname@my.address
This message was distributed by s-news@wubios.wustl.edu. To unsubscribe
send e-mail to s-news-request@wubios.wustl.edu with the BODY of the
message: unsubscribe s-news