[S] Plot axis dimensions in v 3.3

Steve Bousquin (sbous@lamar.colostate.edu)
Sat, 02 May 1998 21:02:50 -0600

I am having a problem in S-Plus 3.3 controlling the size of a graph
sheet on which multiple plots are placed, and the relative dimensions of
the plots.

I have a set of plots arranged 12 on a sheet on each of several sheets.
The last sheet has only two plots on it. I would like the last sheet to
look consistent with the other sheets, but if I use the same command the
sheet itself has blank space where the other 10 plots should be.

This is a problem because when the sheets are imported into a
wordprocessor (WordPerfect 8), the caption can only be placed at an edge
of the full sheet (I am unable to edit the .wmf file (imported and
converted to .wpg), so I cannot insert text within the image). On the
"full" sheets, the caption looks fine, but on the last sheet there are
two plots in the upper left corner, then a lot of blank space, then the
caption at the bottom of the page, which looks absurd.

If I produce the plots 2-up, the relative dimensions of x and y axes are

The commands I'm using are"

(The "plot.ASSN2" command refers to a function that labels the x axis,
which always has the same title).

My question is how I can produce the last two plots with the same
relative dimensions as the previous plots, on one sheet, with the sheet
sized vertically so that there is no blank space between the plots and
the bottom of the sheet, so that I can place the caption in WP
immediately under the two plots.

Steve Bousquin

Colorado State University
Department of Rangeland Ecosystem Science/GDPE
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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