[S] New versions of S-PLUS for Windows available

Cheryl Mauer (cmauer@statsci.com)
Mon, 04 May 1998 08:44:16 -0700

Today MathSoft announced the upcoming availability of two versions of
S-PLUS--S-PLUS 4.5 Professional for Windows and S-PLUS 4.5 Standard for
Windows. With these releases we have renamed the full product S-PLUS 4.5
Professional and created a new edition called S-PLUS Standard. The standard
edition has all of the user interface functionality of S-PLUS without access
to the command line and is available at a lower price. In North America,
S-PLUS 4.5 Professional is available now and the Standard edition will be
available in early June.

S-PLUS Windows users who have Software Support and Subscription Plans
(current maintenance) will automatically receive a new S-PLUS 4.5
Professional CD and accompanying booklet describing the new features. These
upgrades will begin shipping the week of May 11th. The upgrade is not
available for downloading from the web due to the size of the files.

S-PLUS 4.5 provides a wealth of new functionality in the following categories:

Ease-of-use enhancements
New functionality in the GUI including:
Data manipulation features
Existing statistical functions
New statistical functions
Powerful interactive visualization tools



*Excel and SPSS graphs wizards for creating S-PLUS graphs within Excel and SPSS
*Select Data dialog appears upon startup allowing you to locate existing
data, import data files, or create an empty data frame
*Example graphs displayed in the Insert Graph dialog

Interactive, Visual Data Analysis

*Interactively select and highlight data points in scatter plots by clicking
or selecting rectangular region of the plot
*Link scatter plots so selected points are highlighted in all scatter plots
using the same data set
*New menu for redrawing plots excluding selected outliers
*New options for "exploding" panels in Trellis graphs

Data Manipulation

*Recode feature lets you easily recode data values (e.g. replace all -1's
with NA's)
*Split feature lets you split a data frame into separate data frames
according to an expression
*Subset feature lets you subset your data values according to an expression
*Stack feature lets you append multiple columns into a single column of data
*Transform dialog lets you transform your data using a function (e.g. log
*Factorial and Orthogonal Arrays dialogs for basic Design of Experiments
*Calculation of summary statistics within groups
*Statistical Functionality
*Menus and dialogs for resampling including Bootstrap and Jackknife
*Menus and dialogs for cluster analysis
*Revised menus and dialogs for robust regression

New Statistics

*New robust regression algorithm called Robust MM
*Basic power/sample size analysis
*Reliability/parametric survival analysis
*Type III Sums of Squares for linear models and ANOVA

Additional Enhancements

*Faster startup time for S-PLUS
*New mode allows S-PLUS to operate in a less resource intensive manner
(similar to 3.3 command line)
*Faster data entry in data frames

Please call Steve Larsen at 1-800-569-0123 x325 if you have questions about
renewing your subscription plan.


Cheryl Mauer, Director of Marketing Phone 206-283-8802 x.264
MathSoft, Inc. Fax 206-283-8691
1700 Westlake Ave N. Ste 500 http://www.mathsoft.com/splus/
Seattle, WA 98109 cmauer@statsci.com

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