[S] NT 4 vs. Win 95 with Splus 4.0

David Parkhurst (parkhurs@indiana.edu)
Mon, 04 May 1998 16:24:30 -0400

I'm using the January 8 update of Splus 4.0 for Windows, in Win 95.
Too often, it locks up on me. Sometimes, too, its window goes
gray when I'm running a long simulation.

I've just bought a new hard drive, and plan to reinstall Win 95 from
scratch, to clean out unwanted TSR's, registry entries, etc.
Another possibility would be to install Windows NT 4 (workstation)

Is there any reason to suppose that Splus 4 (or 4.5 when I get it)
would be better behaved under NT 4 than under Win 95? I'd
appreciate any advice on this question. Thanks.

Dave Parkhurst

ps: Is January 8 the latest update for version 4.0?
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