[S] problem on static C compiled code loading

Arturas Mazeika (arturas@ieva.maf.vu.lt)
Tue, 5 May 1998 15:26:30 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear S+ users!

I repost this letter, because I forgot to add the "subject".

I have got a problem on static C compiled code loading. I use Splus 3.3
under win'95 Watcom's C (C++) 10.0 compiler. I adjusted
c:\spluswin\lib\makefile.tl, because there were some errors in
compiler's an linker's command names.

I have compiled a simple code named xsq.c:

void xsq (double *x)
*x = (*x)*(*x);

with command 'wcc386 xsq.c'. The file xsq.obj appeared. Then I executed
'load xsq.obj' command. I got a new splus executable called
nsplus.exe, but when I tried to start it, a splus windows appeared with

System termination: No legitimate database in S_WORK and $HOME

My S_WORK and HOME variables both were pointed out to
c:\spluswin\home. To the same location as in splus.ini file in
c:\windows directory. I tried some combinations of c:\spluswin and
previous one, and so on. The same error appiered. Then I made empty
directory c:\spluswin\work, and indicated S_WORK and HOME variables to
it. I launched nsplus. Directory of _DATA and a file _AUDIT appiered in
it, and I have got in Splus window:

Warning: No default .Options vector.
Terminating because of error in initialization or .First
System terminating: can't open source file "c:\splus/data/boot"

I deleted _DATA directory and rerun the same command. Then I got
in Splus window:

Terminating because of error in initialization or .First
System terminating: Problem initializing table lookup, file

Any ideas? Thanks!

Arturas Mazeika

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