[S] Reading help files from private libraries

Krishnan, Ramesh, BRGM BRGMS (rameshkrishnan@att.com)
Tue, 5 May 1998 20:29:21 -0400

I am having a problem accessing help files from the V&R libraries I have
recently installed on
an SGI machine running Irix 6.2. Below is my .First function.

options(object.size = 100000000, pager = "cat")
assign(where = 0, "lib.loc", "/home/ramesh/S_LIB")
library(MASS, first = T)
library(treefix, first = T)

This is what I get when I try

> ?ginv
groff: can't find `DESC' file
groff:fatal error: invalid device `ascii'

The GUI approach with help.start() does not help either: the keyword (ginv
in this case) does show up but with no help text.

Trying help from any of the system-wide libraries seems to work just fine.

Pointers anyone? I'd be happy to summarize responses for the list.

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