[S] Importing PS to Powerpoint?

Joe Davis (jdavis@spdc.ti.com)
Wed, 06 May 1998 10:05:49 -0500

OK, I know that this is not really an Splus question, but I am sure that
it is one that has been addressed by many people on this list.

I have numerous ps files that I have generated with Splus that would be
very difficult if not impossible to recreate in a PC package. However,
I have to use Powerpoint to make a presentation for my company.
Furthermore, the company-approved format has a nice blue (graded) background.

My question is as follows: does anyone know the process by which one can
import a PS figure into Powerpoint such that the background is transparent?

I have tried converting to tiff and gif, but I still have a solid background.
Powerpoint allows you to recolor the picture, but there isn't a "transparent"

If possible, please reply to me directly, as this is not really a question
directly pertaining to Splus.

Thank you very much.


     Joseph C. Davis               Texas Instruments, Inc
  Process Flow Synthesis          P.O. Box 655012, MS 3704
     (972) 927-3805                   Dallas, TX 75265
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