[S] Directing output to a file (in Windows)

Wed, 06 May 98 10:49:38 est

When I used Splus on a UNIX machine, I submitted batch files
of commands and had results saved to a .lst file. Now I use Splus for
Windows. I often have an editor open and edited a bunch of commands
on the editor. Then I cut a block of commands from the editor and
past them to the Splus window. All of the output I want is shown on
the screen. Then I have to cut a block of text from the Splus screen,
and copy it to my editor to save it.

* I have tried source and sink files, but sink only saves some of the
output, not all of it.

Is there something like sink that would save everything that would
normally be printed to the screen, to a text file instead?

I'm using version 4 of Splus.

- Cris Price

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