[S] Image colors in graphics

Fri, 08 May 1998 10:45:35 +1000

Dear S people,

I sent this message a few weeks ago, but there was some lively discussion
on the list about a much more interesting topic, so I didn't get any takers!

I'm using Splus version 4.0 Release 3 for Windows NT and getting very
confused with colour schemes.

First: the Edit Color window under the Image Color tab in Options|Color
Can anyone tell me how to use this palette window; the online help doesn't
go this deep. I have managed to modify the User 1 colours, but the
resulting colour bar in a levelplot doesn't look the way I expected. For
instance, I changed the scheme to have 5 colours, but I'm still getting 4.
In particular what I wanted was the standard pink to blue scale, but with
the highest value as grey (the trellis background colour). What I tried was
first to make User 1 palette look like the trellis palette, then change #
colors to 5, # shades to 48,0,48,0 and make the 5th box (row 1, col 3) in
the Custom colors palette grey (click box, click grey, click Add to Custom
Colors). This gave me a levelplot colour bar looking just like the standard
trellis one. Switching the blue and pink switched the colour bar around,
but still no grey.

Second: the "Define Custom Colors" button in that undocumented Edit Color
window is greyed out for me. Should I be worried?

Finally: changes to the colour schemes occurred only if I invoked
> graphsheet(image.color.scheme="user 1",color.scheme="trellis")
before my trellis plot. However, if I simply used the Options|Graph
style|Color window and set Image Colors to say, Topographical (can't be
confused with trellis), then did
> levelplot(..etc..)
I got the standard trellis color scheme. That's even after removing the
existing graphsheet and/or restarting the SPlus session.

In perplexity,

Nick Ellis
CSIRO Marine Research email Nick.Ellis@marine.csiro.au
PO Box 120 ph +61 (07) 3826 7260
Cleveland QLD 4163 fax +61 (07) 3826 7222
Australia http://www.marine.csiro.au

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