[S] Need help understanding how to use GUI tools in S-PLUS 4.5

Steven Paul Millard (probstat@nwrain.com)
Mon, 11 May 1998 15:47:27 -0700


I am using S-PLUS 4.5 for Windows. I am starting to write a GUI
interface for ENVIRONMENTALSTATS for S-PLUS, and I am having a hard
time learning how to code. The list below (after my signature) lists
all of the possible values for DialogControl (quotes omitted). Does
anyone have simple examples of some or all of these types of controls
so I can understand which control does what? As far as I can tell,
this information is not really laid out in the S-PLUS documentation.
There are some simple examples, but they don't begin to cover the

It would be nice to see some code that produces dialog boxes like the
ones that come with S-PLUS. For example, in S-PLUS I can type mean at
the command line and out scrolls the definition of the mean function.
If I use the GUI and choose Data->Distribuiton Functions... , I can
fill in the dialog box, get a result, and look at the History Log to
see that the function menuPdist was called by the dialog box, but I
can't get my hands on the code that created the dialog box.

Thanks for your time.


--Steve M.

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Types of Dialog Controls:
Check Box
Static Text
Wide String
List Box
Combo Box
Float Auto
Float Range
Integer Auto
Integer Range
Color List
New Line
Page Tab
Multi-select Combo Box
Wide Multi-select Combo Box
Multi-select List Box
Wide Multi-select List Box
String List Box
Radio Buttons
Integer Spinner
Float Spinner
Integer Slider
Float Slider
OCX String
Picture List Box
Wide Picture List Box
Wide Picture

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