[S] upgrading to 4.5, removing 4.0 and C

SusieMM (SusieMM@aol.com)
Thu, 14 May 1998 22:54:35 EDT

1. I've tried to use the control panel "program remove" feature of Windows 95
to remove 4.0. I was told to remove this and then newly install version 4.5.
Anyhow, my system kept crashing so I finally just deleted the S-Plus 4.0
folder and files in that folder. Is that okay? Will I have any problems?

2. Because of the system crashes I experienced (see #1), is it "safe" for me
to install version 4.5?

3. Is Code Warrior, as a C++ compiler, compatible with S-Plus 4.5?

4. I am JUST learning S+. Any "must read" books? I know the Venables book is
now in second edition.

Susan M. Mangiero
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