[S] S-Poetry -- things you wish...

Bruce McCullough (BMCCULLO@fcc.gov)
Fri, 15 May 1998 14:35:36 -0400

..V&R had explained in more detail, but then their
fine book would have been 1000 pp instead of
500, and its publication would have been delayed.

That's my first take on S-Poetry, which I downloaded
and printed in sections of 100 pages (always a good
thing to do with such large pdf files).

For the record, I have Chambers and Hastie, Spector,
Krause and Olson, and of course, V&R. Putting
K&O for beginners, and Spector after that, I see
Poetry as being a bridge between Spector and V&R,
extending the former and filling in the latter. I'll
spend many enjoyable hours with Poetry.

Bruce McCullough
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