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Ed Callahan (
Sat, 16 May 1998 00:04:53 -0500

Matt -

Before trying to figure out yet another compiler I decided to try my hand at
integrating the latest Cygnus C compiler (19.1) and S-Plus 4.5. It seems
that the latest Cygnus compiler can be used to create dll's compatible with
the dll.load and .C functions ...

I put together a simple first example that works for me and others can
emulate if they like. Hopefully Cygnus won't fail on more complicated
programs. Instead of posting my example source files here they can be
retrieved by anonymous ftp from in the file /ftp/
I will have to admit that I have no understanding of the details, I simply
imitated an example of creating relocatable dll's that I found on the Cygnus
web site ( Thanks to Dr. Ripley for
the tip about *relocatable* dll's.

There is still the problem of needing the cygwin.dll file when using the
Cygnus compiler, and LCC may otherwise be a better compiler, but I already
use the Cygnus compiler so this is easier for me for now.


Edward Callahan
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About a year ago I spent many long nights trying to get dlls from
the cygnus compiler to work with Splus 3.3 (using genetic thunking) all to
no avail. It was a long and frustrating ordeal. One disadvantage of using
the cygnus compiler (if it works at all) is that if you want to distribute
your dll you will have to also distribute the cygwin.dll (I think that's
the name it's been a while). This file was over a megabyte when I was
using it, probably larger now.
If you want a free C (no C++) compiler that will generate a dll
that can be used in Splus 4.0 (or 3.3 using generic thunking), try the LCC
compiler. This is a very nice command line C compiler available from:

This compiler will also produce Win32 programs (i.e. Windows, Dialog
Boxes, etc...).


On Fri, 15 May 1998, Ed Callahan wrote:

> Has anyone had luck using the free Cygnus C/C++ compiler
> ( to create a dll that could be
> accessed with S-Plus 4 or 4.5? What are the tricks?
> Ed

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