[S] Re: bug in predict()

Gerhard Koop (koop@icafe-funclub.de)
Sat, 16 May 1998 14:05:28 +0200

see my 'Bug in predict()'- mail to S-news

"One man's serious bug is another woman's handy feature... "
This is not quite a bug, but should be part of the examples section (e.g. SAS has a big
sample- section ... although not all quirky features of the predict- option in
proc glm,e.g., are written down explicitly)

Thanks a lot for responding to my confusion about the treament of factors
within S- Plus: Charles C. Berry, Brian D. Ripley, Gardar Johannesson and Bill Venables

A "subset" of a factor, e.g. factor(c("a1","a2","a2","a1")) on the last observation, is
factor("a1", levels=c("a1", "a2")), rather than factor("a1"). A "subset" must always retain
the attributes of the "superset" factor. In this case the levels attribute.

This is the price to pay to work in an OOP environment.

Charles C. Berry added:
When reporting a problem like this one, always include the version info.
e.g.: Version 4.0 Release 3 for Microsoft Windows : 1997

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