[S] Calculation the slope and curvatuve of the LOESS model.

Alexz92 (Alexz92@aol.com)
Sat, 16 May 1998 14:47:42 EDT

Dear Splus Users:

I need to calculate the slope and the curvature of the LOESS model.

a) is there a short way of doing this in Splus given that there is no one
function that describes these points?

The way I was attemping to solve this problem was buy using finite difference
methods and using the predict() function.

Lets say I have two time series A and B where


is there a way that I can create a function with the arguments of the loess
object, my.model, and the new value A, that I want its prediction for?

The function


does not seem to work. The problem seems to be with the argument A. Is there
a way I can rewrite this function and only use two arguments (model,new.value)
and recall A buy using one of the attributes of my.model?

Once I can get prediction values for each point, I can then proceed forward
and calulate the slope and the curvature at various data points.

Any suggestions???

Alex Zirakzadeh
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